Use of Clearpath motors rather than steppers

Hi, Although your machines are great, the Clearpath “stepper killer” motors are superior and it would be great of you could offer them as an option along with the controller mods to use them.

Adding servos to a 5mm belt machine? Makes no sense :slight_smile:
Adding $1000 of servos to a structurally “simple” frame do not make a better machine.

I’d LOVE adding servos but they wont add much until the rest of the machine is specced up as well.
This spring Inventables launch their Xcarve PRO, servos here would be cool but it makes no sense from an economical/marketable stand point. A properly matched stepper will be a solid performer too, at a fraction of the cost.

Just my 2cents.

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Thanks for your inputs. I have just had some bad experiences with missed steps with steppers and also some lack of torque. The Clearpath motors get rid of those two concerns. I think they would be a good option on pro models for sure. I’ve been using Clearpath motors and they are amazing.

No argument there, I want a set myself :slight_smile: