Used 1000 x 1000 X carve for sale

Selling my wife’s 1000 x 1000 X carve. It’s been used about 10 times. Perfect working order. It has been sitting in the garage for a few months now.

I’m happy to take pictures or answer any questions if you’re interested, thanks!


Pictures would help, location and price.

Hi Wayne,

I’m in Southern California,

1000 USD

I will take some photos tomorrow morning in the daytime and post.

Thanks for the message!


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Pardon the mess. I didn’t get it with the vacuum attachment or the side waste board.

Other than some cuts into the waste board and some sawdust, its brand new.

Let me know if anyone would like any close up photos of anything.

Still available?

hello good afternoon still has this cnc available and how much would be the shipment to miami please?