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Used Carvey should I?

So I have had an Othermill ( I liked it) and I might have an opportunity to buy a carvey
For a grand …should I?

I don’t know for sure, but I don’t thing that they support it anymore.
They are no longer offered.
If someone knows better, I will stand corrected.

What’re you carving?

For the most part nothing it can’t carver wood plastics etc …how does Easel behave with vcarve pro ? ,I’m not as concerned with trying to cut/ engrave metals even with proper speeds and feeds the machine is not really designed for that

The Carvey is a good machine.
The Smart clamp was useless for us, but if you take shallow passes, it gets the job done.
I wouldn’t bother with Easel as you’ll be committed to the Smart clamp. It’ll work fine with Vcarve.