Used X-Carve

Hey guys…I’m new here and have been thinking about adding a CNC router to our arsenal for our home based woodworking shop…this used machine just showed up on Craigslist. Can anyone tell me about it by looking at it (ie: year, model, pros vs. cons, fair price, etc.). Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Wayne and welcome to the forum,
In my opinion I would say that is to much for that XCarve. That one is pre 2016 because as of September 2016 the XCarves were sold with a one piece makerslide (the part with the X-Carve sticker on it). So since its pre 2016 it probably doesn’t have the XController, homing switches, z probe, side drag chain. The person may have added some of those but I don’t see them in the picture. If you were to buy it you would spend over $600 getting it up to date. I don’t know anything about that laser. Some people in the forum use the JTech laser.
Good Luck

Thank you very much!

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