Used xcarve 1000x1000 set up

Got a used xcarve. Previous owner ran it using estlcam. I want to use easel. All hooked up and installed easel drivers but no grbl. I tried flashing the xcontroler. Still nothing. Am i gonna have to download and use estlcam or is there a way to get easel to work?

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Estlcam and easel are both grbl based so your connectivity issue will exist with either platform. Most likely its a general USB connectivity issue or an issues with a com port, or even the red emergency stop button may be pressed. Or other issue internal to the xcontroller.

First id verify the red estop button is fully up (you’ve got to twist and pull up pretty hard)
Also verify the fan inside is running.
If those are good id go into device manager and then in the ports section you should see the usb connection, if its on port numbers 1-3 you may need to right click and go into properties and change it to 4 or higher and ensure the baud rate is set to 115,200.
Then try easel again.
You may also need to try a different, possibly shorter, usb cable.

Estop is not engaged, USB is fine.

Installing on a brand new laptop. I don’t know if any of this is helpful but here are a couple screenshots of what I am looking at. Also, when I open easel, it does its little bump communication but carve button still stays blue. I don’t know what its asking for when it is saying requires further installation.

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Ohh ftdi drivers are usually not required, but here is the driver to install, that should help with the current issue at least.

And in case the easel driver isn’t already installed

Done and no change. This is why I am at a loss. Still says requires further installation in device manager under ports. If I stay in the easel window it continually does the initializing bumps and in the machine inspection window just refreshes and says portOpened. I’m missing something here.

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Windows will also install missing drivers if you leave the cnc plugged in and powered on and shut down the pc and turn it back on
During the boot cycle windows will try to locate the proper drivers for all connected devices and install them if available. Other than this you might need to call inventables monday morning and have them remotely login to your pc and try another resolution, unless someone else jumps on here whos experienced the issue…

I submitted a help ticket with a link to this thread.
We will see. Ill let you know what they have me do to resolve tge issue.

I rebooted with the machine on thinking the same thing.

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After multiple phone conversations, 2 remote sessions this issue is resolved. In the end the issue was probably just the wrong version of Arduino on my PC (so user error).

I want to sincerely thank you for your help. These forums and yourself have helped me multiple times.


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