User Testimonials/ Feedback

Good afternoon,

I am a diyer that is looking to make my own cabinets. I have a friend in another state that is a successful cabinetmaker. I am flying out to his place to learn how to use design software, measure the space and see some jobs start to finish. I have another friend that is a local craftsman that has made cabinets (not a cabinet maker) and is willing to give me some guidance and training.

My question is, what has everyone’s experience been with XPro and CabinetMaker software setup?

  1. Is it professional grade equipment that produces a quality result that customers are satisfied with?

  2. How was the learning curve setting it up?

  3. What limitations have you had with it IE building pantry cabinets or refrigerator cabinets where lengths are over 48”?

Full disclosure, I am interested in doing this for a living after training and practice. At face value, this looks like it could shorten the learning curve for me but not make me a professional over night. Any feedback is appreciated.