USG sender not communicating with computer

I went through all steps and got the UGS downloaded and installed plugged usb into computer and refreshed to com1 changed baud rate to 115200 and it never hooks up. if I try to move the x,y or z axis I get error saying:GRLB not finished booting

any help?

Are you sure that the controller is on com1? if it is it sounds like some other program has a lock on that port. maybe easel maybe some other program that never released it. I would make sure that this is the port that the controller is connected to.

Try com4 with the same baud rate of 115200.

if you go into you device manager there should be a list of com ports that are open. on mine i have com 1 and 3, com 1 is something else and 3 is my Xcontroller

As is mine

thanks all for the quick responses. working issue now