Using 2 computers

Slowly getting to grips with the Pro version which I’ve just invested in. I’m running a small one man business. My set up is - I use my mac computer in cluttered and small office - do my main designing with Affinity as well as Easel, but also use it for SS/WProcessing etc - but my CNC machine is in another room.
I want to use it permanently set up without having to take my computer from one room to another - the computer running the CNC (Zoytek 6045) is a PC. Do I have to subscribe to Pro twice? to make this work or can the subscription be used with my 2 computers?

no just log in. good Wi-Fi helps also


You can just login to the account using the same credentials, no need to make multiple accounts.
You can use one account it on infinite computers if you like.

I do not suggest accessing the same project at the same time though because only one will have the current version and the other login will be forced to make a “save as” type of function and save any changes into a new copy.

Along same line, and I think I know answer, but choose not to experiment. While one computer is cutting, can another computer begin a new project without sabotaging the one cutting?


Yes, once the carve is started and the simulation occurs, the gcode is stored in a file on that pc and sent from there.
You could even open the sand project and make changes if you wanted to and that wouldn’t effect the carve either :+1:

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