Using a Jtech 2.8 laser

I have a Jtech 2.8 laser installed on my X Controller, all wired up and the laser seems to be lighting up and working when I switch it on at the laser driver, where do I go from here, I need someone to tell me what to read next to get this running, I am using Picsender, do I need to alter GRBL settings, I really don’t have a clue what to do next, any help appreciated

You need to set up 2 macros.
One for the CNC and one for the LASER
Just remember to switch between the two macros depending on whether your going to use the CNC and LASER


Thank you

Sorry, I only assumed that you were using Lightburn for the laser.
The screen shots are from my lightburn console tab.
I also use Picsender for the CNC.
But I Strongly suggest that you use Llightburn for the laser. (you wont be sorry). Go to their web site and download it for a free 30 day trial.

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Okay, I will get Lightburn thank you
yesterday I had Picsender set on Laser vectors and GRBL $30=255 $31=0 and $31-1 when I pressed (test laser) both the laser and the spindle came on
I need to start from scratch again and learn how to use this

Give Jay at JTech a call. He is a great guy and has always helped me with JTech issues. Can’t get any better the talking to the creator himself.

Ditto what Robert said.
Jay is very helpful.

Thank you all, I will email Jay, as I am in the UK, and I think Jay is in Texas, I have heard that he is very helpful

He will email you too if you drop him an email. You are correct, He is in Houston Texas.

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