Using a radius to close open vectors

Easel - radius.pdf (262.6 KB)
I’m trying to close the 2 lines with a radius not having ant luck finding an option to do this. Any ideas?
Thanks, Lynn

Hello @LynnRichins, this is how I would do it.

  1. Double-click on your drawn shape.
  2. Select the right, upper-most point and note the Y coordinate.
  3. Select the right, lower point just under the point above and note the Y coordinate. This is how tall you want your radius object to be.
  4. Note the X coordinate of this point (hopefully the two are the same).
  5. Select a suitable shape…a circle, a square with radiused corners
  6. Change this new object’s height to be the absolute value difference between the two Y coordinates gathered above.
  7. Adjust the object to suit your needs while maintaining the required height established above.
  8. Select the original object and pin it into place.
  9. Select both object and align to the top.
  10. Now select the new object and select the center position indicator.
  11. Change the X coordinate of the new object to the value gathered in Step 4.
  12. Select the original object and unpin it.
  13. Select both objects and the combine them.

Here is what I just tested prior to combining:

Here is the new shape after combining:

Give it a shot and let me know how that works out for you.


Brandon R. Parker

hi Brandon,
I’m attaching a copy of the roughed out part I’m trying to make. On the large radius I need a cut line. To do this I did as you suggested and then overlayed a circle at the 0 level then moved it into position to make the line. I then made a rectangle, moved it ot the 0 position to cover the remaining circle line.
I know its a long way around to get what I need, but if you have a better suggestion, Ill take it. I’m really struggling to learn tis program.
Easel - lefty righty.pdf (190.9 KB)

Most of the time, you should be combining shapes to make what you want instead of covering parts of shapes up.

You can share your project by following these steps:

Here is an example project I just whipped up based on your PDF. The sizing is not exactly as your image for the pocket cutouts and the small cutout at the bottom is centered on the larger one, but it should give you an idea of how I did it.

I basically created the two larger rectangles and the larger circle, positioning where they need to be. Then I added the cutouts…the smaller cutout circle, the large cutout rectangle, and the small cutout rectangle. I then aligned the small cutout circle to the center of the larger circle. I centered the cutout rectangles on the first taller rectangle. Then I combined the first three objects and changed the Cut Path to “Cut outside shape path”.

The project has two workpieces, one with all of the original shapes and the second with things combined.

It’s not that difficult once you get the hang of it; it just takes practice.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Brandon R. Parker

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Thanks for tbe help and encouragement


Not a problem…


Brandon R. Parker