Using a round-nose router bit?

There are limited bit sizes in the Easel program. Is it feasible to add a round-nose router bit? I am thinking about 3/4 inch. Also can one use a 1/4" straight bit? Would go a lot faster for hollowing out areas versus the 1/8" straight bit.
Having fun with the Easel program and simply wanting to expand some options.
Thank you.

It you select “Toolbox” on the top menu, you will find a “Add Bits” button at the top right where the user can input and save their own bits.

Do Note that BALL Bits are only selectable within the 3d workspace (after a STL file is uploaded) for the purpose of finishing ONLY
Endmills are selectable in 2d/2.5d AND for Roughing with 3d

So IF you enter your ball or bowl bit in easel and want to use for a different purpose you will need to enter it as a endmill and trick easel in order to use that bit in the 2d/2.5d workspace. . .

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