Using a two pin hold down for STL files

Am beginning to use two bolts through the work to secure it to the CNC spoilboard for 2 sided cutting. Works well for larger work like bowls and topo carves, but for things like spoons it does not work so well. Does anyone have a source for kitchen utensils with large tabs at each end so that the work is always secure? It is easy to cut off the tabs on the bandsaw and sand them up. A Mr Penner has a tube video on how to carve the spoons, but we are not capable (Yet) of modifying an STL file to include the two large tabs he uses.

With Vectric software you can place 3d tabs within the model for 2 sided carving. and you use dowels for placement out side of your model profile.
Unfortunately Easel Pro 3d carving does not provide 3d tabs.

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Use a 3d print slicer like PrusaSlicer. You can load your stl and then add cylinders where you need them, export, and load into Easel.
I don’t use Easel, so I don’t know if it tries to cut the tabs off as well.

If I could find a decent svg files for the top and bottom of say a wooden spoon or utensil, then it would be simple to drop a no depth pocket where I want to place a large tab. Have been looking and can only find one that I like, but it has multiple spoons per side, Need a single piece to work effectively.
Find that I do not learn software as easily as I did 30 years ago.

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