Using carvey to size material

Hi everyone, I’m looking to cut excess material off of a larger piece of wood. Basically, I want to cut a 12"x8" piece of wood into an 11"x7" piece. Easel only let’s me make box cuts, but I simply want to make a nice, clean, straight ‘L’ cut (I’m doing this because I don’t have access to a table saw or something that can keep a true line). Is there a way to accomplish this?


Try using the pen function and drawing a straight line then cut on line. Or use the box function and size it very tall and very skinny. Hope that works

You can also download and install Inkscape, a free open source vector drawing tool, and use it to create an SVG, and then import the SVG.

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It’s a little clunky, and it seems to be more stable on windows than OSX (I run both, and it crashes on me in OSX), but it’s free, and it does a lot.

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