Using Carvey with the front panel open

There are times when I’d like to keep the front door open during a carve, such as to allow a vacuum in or use coolant. Is there a way to temporarily disable the door pause feature? I see in Grbl v0.9i (is this what Carvey is running?) has a “door” compile option but don’t know if Carvey is running this, nor do I see any specific information on temporarily disabling the feature other than using “~” to resume.

If there is no temporary disablement, I’m happy to add this as a feature to the code, however I need to know what is actually running on Carvey and I’m not quite sure as it states “gCarvin 1.1.5” rather than Grbl.


I might go for a simpler solution myself, just find the door interlock switch and add a manual over-ride that you can toggle, to fool the machine into thinking the door is still closed.

I didn’t see the switch on the outside, am I missing it?

I’ve actually added code to the latest inventables/grbl to support this, however I’m not entirely sure I have the correct source code that’s being used on the Carvey. More on that in a different topic.

Well, without one in front of me to look at, I’m really only making guesses here, but if it can detect when the door is open and closed, there has to be a switch that engages somewhere to make that determination. Probably mechanical, rather than inductive, etc. So, it would seem like a relatively simple thing to locate the switch, determine if it’s open or closed when the lid is in the closed “run” position, and add a toggle switch bypassing it to allow you to set that state manually if you wish. :slight_smile: