Using custom bits

I purchased some bits from Sainsmart and I added them to the “Bits” section on my Easel. I added the material I am using under “Materials” and I even set up “Cut Settings” matching the bit to the material.
When I go into the project and try to select my “new” bits, they do not show. I changed the material and that shows but the bits do not.
Any thoughts? Im sure Im missing something.

Hmmm, mine show immediately in the bit selection. on both my Pro account and my Free (tester) account.

Can you share a photo of the bits in your bit selection list?
And a photo of the bit(s) in your toolbox that are not showing in the dropdown list?

HI Seth,
Please see attached. BTW, I get the same thing on both my desktop and laptop that I connect to the CNC.
Thank you

2022-10-19 13_23_31-Easel - Untitled

I see 7 endmills and 2 Vbits in the toolbox
and 7 endmills and 2 Vbits in the Bit Selection photos.

The only discrepancy is just the Ball Bits, right? HOWEVER Ball bits are ONLY available to use with the 3d carving feature, when you import STL models.
IT May be helpful for the Easel team to add a note about this into the toolbox to eliminate future understanding of this bit type.

@Ben-Saks @neilpa (tagged for visibility to the issue, It seems like it would help to clarify by putting a note in the toolbox and in the bit entry page that ball bits are only available for use over in the 3d carving interface and not the standard 2.5D interface) just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

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Yes, Ball Nose bits will not show up in 2.5D workpieces. Thanks for the feedback about adding a notification to users.


Thank you Seth! That makes sense!

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