Using DW611 as a dumb 4th Axis for CNC Turning?

After upgrading my X-Carve with a VFD/Spindle I’m left with a DeWalt 611 only used for things like cleaning up the remains of tabs after a cut has finished which isn’t a whole lot…

Sooo… A moment ago I was wondering if I could turn that DeWalt 611 into some sort of dumb 4th Axis used for CNC Lathe work?
Like building a fixture for it and a tailstock parallel to the X-Axis and create a fixture for lathe specific tools that can be installed in or on the Spindle Mount.

Is this a concept that might work using the DeWalt 611 or am I looking into troubles due to its high speed at even the lowest setting?

Since the Dewalt has a 17K minimum speed well any router really, I would not attach any stock to this spindle. It is an order of magnitude faster than a lathe.


Yikes. Please don’t do that.


i run my lather mostly between 200 and 1200 rpm. What do you think :wink:

What do I think? That I’m going to finish ANY project I’d start with this idea like REALLY fast!

Ah well… Foiled again by the high DeWalts high RPMs… Thanks to everyone for your input! =)

Since you have a cnc machine… you could make gears that would reduce the speed. maybe use the inspiration of Izzy Swan, he uses a drill to power just about anything.

Yeah just use one of these and you’re set:

just sell it and buy a new toy with the money. :wink:

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I could 3D Print a nice set of planetary gears using my Form² for precision and then encase them in a CNCed piece of Delrin for structural integrity but 16’000rpm would - As shown in @anon68752607 video - still require cooling I’m not exactly keen about… ( maybe redirect the DeWalts expelled air through the Gearbox? Mhh… ) A belt and pulley system might work but still… I guess I just have to accept that the DeWalt 611 will not find a lot more use other than occasionally cleaning up Tabs left from a CNCed operation.

Maybe I’ll pick this idea up using a bunch of cheap geared motors… a low speed 10rpm one acting like a dumb 4th axis I have to turn myself between different operations and a high speed one ( but a lot slower than the DeWalt 611 ) for lathe work.