Using Easel on own machine

Hi there, I came across this site after almost completing the build of my machine and was thinking of trying to use Easel to control it, do I have to buy a licence or can I just use it without anything to pay?

In the settings it shows only the two X-carve machines to connect to, is it possible to connect it to my own machine.

Regards Poppy Ann.


Easel is totally free to use. You can use it by going to

Unfortunately Easel only works with the arduino-based Grbl motion control software. What kind of machine are you using?


Hi Paul,

My machine is a home build I just shopped around for parts when I decided to build one I used the 20mm aluminium profiles for the frame and used 12 mm supported liner rails and 12 mm ball screws with NEMA 23 stepper motors I was trying to buy the best I could for the money I had but I have to say I spent quite a lot more in the end than just buying one of your machines directly but when I started I had not come across this web site I have wired it up to a usb cnc controller that can use Mach 3/4 but after looking at the Mach software I think it is a little complicated for what I want, all my machine will be used for is home projects as I do not work and am disabled and just wanted to try it as a hobby but if i cannot use Easel then I will have to try something else.

thanks for your reply,
Regards Poppy Ann.