Using inlay to cut a precise hole to fit a guitar neck?

this isnt quite an inlay but I am hoping the app can make it work for my project.

I am building a box for a “guitar” that will have a 1.5" square blank of wood inserted through one side as the “neck”. I have been struggling with finding the correct dimensions and cut settings (on path, inside, outside) for the hole to achieve a snug fit when the neck is inserted through the box.

I am wondering if I can use the inlay app to generate the pocket for the 1.5 square and just delete the male piece from the project. I would just change the cut for the hole to be the full depth of the piece.

thoughts? suggestions?

I would just measure the neck, cut a hole in a scrap piece (same material as the box).
The make any needed adjustments for a good fit. Then follow through with the box material.
Remember the corners will have a radius the diameter of the but used.

For the record I don’t use Easel very much and have only played with it. In Easel you have 4 choices, Clear out the pocket, cut on path, cut inside path, cut outside path. The shape line is your path. Unless your machine is perfect, you’d probably want a little gap between inlay and mortise so you don’t have an interference fit.

I use Rhino 3 D and have always drawn my mortise lines and drawn the inlay part offset inside a few thousandths of an inch, taking care of the precision of my router. Gibson inlays used to be glued with a filler glue that filled the gap. Sounds like you may be making a cigar box guitar?

Here is this:

How to Use the Easel Inlay App (

thanks all. great advice. I think I have it dialed in pretty close now