Using large diameter bits?

Hey all, I have ordered a “dish engraving bit” that has a 7/16" cut width. I’m just wondering how much success ya’ll have had with larger diameter bits.

Will the 1000mm X Carve be able to handle the torque say if my passes were at least half of the bit diameter? I want to say no, especially since i’ll be pocketing various hardwoods (right now im pocketing some cherry boards).

I’ve just never used such a big bit on my x carve yet, so i’d hate to push it harder than it can go.

Any info would be great!

you just have to vary the depth of cut depending on how much stepover you use. It’s all a balancing act. I use a 2" flycutter for my wasteboard resurfacing, so you can use any size bit within reason.

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I use a 3/4 endmill for roughing very often with a 40% stepover and 3/16 deep cut. Keeping ipm under 100 does not seem to torque the router even in hard maple. Hope that helps!


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Awesome, thanks man!

I was about to ask something similar or even the same.

Do you all mean the total depth or the depth per pass?
Rule of thumb seems to be that you should not exceed 1/2 of the bit size as depth per pass.
But if I got a 1/2" bit, can I go 1/4" per pass with ease?

Depth per pass, width per pass and RPM is what governs total amount of material removal rate. (MRR)
Each machine have a certain MRR it can attain until it bogs down (power or rigidity)

Rule of thumb is to not go deeper than 1/2" bit diameter but that only apply to the thinner bits.
If in doubt, try the bit (1/2") and run 1/16" depth per cut, if it works okay try 1/8". Every machine is a little different and have different capabilities.