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Using last Z settings starts too high

I have an X-Carve 750mm using Windows 10 that I have been using for several years without issue for the most part. I just tried my first Tile Project on a Sign that was 36" wide. The initial tile carved perfectly. After I moved the piece in position for the 2nd tile I chose to use last settings for Z and not use the probe or set the X,Y since I wanted it to start in the same position and cut the same depth. But when I started the carve the Z starts 1/8" above the piece and barely carves. At this point no matter how many times I restart the carve the Z is too high. I even chose to set z with the probe and reset X,Y (using the homed position from the last carve). I even exited Easel and restarted it. I wanted to keep the X,Y the same so I did not reset the controller.

This is not unique to this carve. Any time I choose manual for Z setting instead of the probe and click the use last settings the machine gets in a state where the Z is always too high (no matter how much I change the depth of carve). The only way I have been able to get things back to normal is power cycle the controller and restart Easel. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it without a reboot so I can salvage my carves?

Did you in Easel click “Confirm new home” or “Use previous…?”

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Use Previous