Using millput for inlays

Has anyone used milliput for inlay designs? I wanted to try it out but wasn’t sure if it would be safe to use for a cutting board. Any input would be much appreciated.

I’ve used tons of it. It is easily milled, sanded, drilled, etc. I’m guessing if you start running a knife across it, you’ll have chips of milliput flaking off into your food. It’s an irritant in an uncured state. I’d find another material.

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Thanks guys! Looks like cutting boards are out of the equation, but I’ll still mess around with it for other inlay signs.

There are food safe epoxies you can use for inlay. They become inert once cured.

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I’ll look into the food-safe epoxies. Any that you would recommend?

I use ArtResin. It’s an easy mix and food safe. I color it with acrylic paint. Cures in about 3 days.