Using multiple bits at the same project

I would like to use multiple bits at the same project and have accurate result. Any one can advice for that?

Thanks in advance

With Easel check out this thread:

For tool changes between cuts learn to use G28(which is amazingly useful):

Also I would recommend Fusion 360. There you can both model and create toolpaths in one application. Beware - steep learning curve!

Youtube is your friend there for learning Fusion 360 quickly.

Thanks a lot for your support. Can I send the g code directly from fusion 360 to the machine via USB or I should do something in between?

You are going to need a gcode sender. Universal Gcode Sender (UGS) is a good one to start with. You can download version 2 here

It is a Java JAR file, so be sure you have a recent version of Java on your computer first. Then just unzip the download and double click the JAR file to run it.