Using Offsetter and Holes on Path tool for a Cribbage board?

I am looking to to make a cribbage board with the State of Wisconsin. Thought is to use the offsetter tool to establish a path inside the state, then use the offsetter again to run two additional lines at a consistent spacing for a total of three cribbage rows. Then using the holes on path tool, add the 61 holes per row.

The issue I am running into to, is that when the 1/8th bit is selected and the hole width is set to .126, the holes do not show up on the 3D model? Also what is the “Use Drill Points” in the Holes on Path App? It won’t let me import once selected.

Anyone have experience with this combination of apps?

If you are going to use a 1/8" bit you would need to go up to at least .132 to get the bit to work. You can not pocket a 1/8" hole with a 1/8" bit. Take a look at the pecking drill app i think that is what it is called and you can use it to make a 1/8" hole with a 1/8" bit. Or you can switch to a 1/16" bit but would use a lot more time. Almost forgot welcome to the forums.


The replace circle with drill app did the trick! Thanks for the suggestion.


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