Using the "Line Tool"

Ok, so here it is.

I thought I was being clever and using the line tool create a repetitive design and keep them equally spaced to make need little trivets for Christmas gifts this year.

I made three designs I like and put circles around them and all that and set it to cut full depth of the wood. I am using a 1/4 bit to keep nice chonky lines, but that is where I am running into my issues. Since I used the “line tool” if I try to do a detail pass it will just change the line to the detail bit.

Is there a way, for me to adjust my design, so that I can keep all the spacing and cut sizes and be able to use a 1/4 bit for ruffing and a 1/8 for detail? or even just a 1/8?

When the carve is completed there are quite a bit of fuzzies and I think that is just due to the fact that it is a single plunge cut and not a nice “carve cut”??? Not sure if that’s the right word…

What are y’alls thoughts and Ideas on this issue?


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Maybe just try a single pass at full depth when you are done to clean things up. I do it all the time and it can make a big differance in the finished product and since it is a full depth pass it does not take long.


Andrew, What material is this, it kinda looks like Poplar, which is quite stringy and difficult to not get those fuzzies without the right bits… . a downcut bit may help…

But Also, here’s a quick video I made with some Tips about re-creating those designs so that you can use other sized bits without distorting the design… and some tricks about masking shapes as well.

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Thank you both for your reply!

Seth, when I first saw your vid, I thought “Dang, My trivets look just like his” then I realized you used my project :slight_smile: !!

There is a lot that I still have to learn about this software for sure. You make it look so easy and I made it so much harder on myself.

These are being made using Hard Maple and Walnut. I will let you know how they work out.

Thank you, Drew

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@SethCNC - Would taking shallower and slower cuts help prevent the stringy results? I am working on redoing them using the texture thing too so thanks for that :slight_smile:

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