Using V-transfer's Abort option

This morning, I had two G-code files to carve on the same piece of wood. I Carved the first file just fine. When starting the second carve I realized I started the first file again. I noticed this before the bit actually hit the wood and aborted the cut using the Abort option on V-Transfer. After hitting the Abort button, the machine went to its home position.
In this situation, my question is: Will V-Transfer keep the same xyz zeros set up at the beginning of the session? If, yes, I can start the second cut and continue. If no, I will need to restart the session and reset the xyz positions.

I haven’t tried the abort button. I believe, because it returned to the home position, that the information has not been lost. The work position should be remembered.

Well, I guess I was wrong. I just had to use the abort button in VTransfer, and the carve and router stopped dead. It did not return to home. I found a not in the Vtransfer document I found that said you need to rehome your machine after hitting abort.

I don’t know why yours went back to home.