Using X Carve Dust Control

What are some tips on using this? Do you put it on before you probe & zero? I feel like you do after, but am not sure if I can use Easel to move/raise router after probe/zero.

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You can use the jog commands to move the spindle around after the zeroing/probing sequence without issue.

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To add to that, make sure not to move it to a location where an X/Y traversal back to Work Zero would go through anything that sticks above the Origin Safety Height. The problem is that when you do press the “Carve” button after installing the dust shoe, the spindle will be lowered to the Safety Height first, and the machine will then perform a rapid X/Y traversal diagonally from the starting location back to the Work Zero location.

Even after years of working with my machine and a T-Track placed in a specific location, this bit me in the backside last night and snapped a $50 Amana bit. It made me sick to my stomach, but it was totally my fault…


Brandon Parker

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