Utah 100mm - SOLD

Asking what i owe. Need to sell asap. $1300. Things went south with my job where i have it stored. Thats why im selling.

Side board kit, cnc4newbs Z axis, homing switches, lots of bits, custom built table it sits on (not a torsion box but its very sturdy).

I’ll throw in some 18x10 cherry planks

Send me a direct message for questions/pictures

Do you have any pictures of the machine?

I do, text me and i’ll send you some.

Sorry about the late reply, was on vacation!

is this still for sale?

Do you still have this available? What area of Utah?

I have a guy coming to look at it on Friday, if that falls through i’ll let you know.

Ogden, I have a guy coming to look at it Friday i believe. If that falls through i’ll post here.

Just wanted to follow up. Did the sale go through?

Fell through, but im asking $1500 rather than the $1300 i posted here. I understand you can get a brand new one for $1400, but mine has upgraded Z Axis ($200). Plenty of bits to do everything you want, side board kit, table it sits on is well built and probably worth at least $100. And i’m including 10 - 3/4x18x10 Cherry planks. The value of those are $15 a piece, so another $150 value. It’s already built and you wont have to wait over a month for a new one to ship, I understand that doesnt add value, but it’s certainly nice.

I’m getting a ton of interest at $1500, so im certain it will sell. With all the messages im getting of interest, i’m not going to budge on the price quite yet. I owe more than I thought.