V-bit carving issue

I’m trying to carve a logo for my garage. I’m a bit perplexed about why my sign carved with these dog bone patterns at the end. Is there a setting I need to change?

Any help is appreciated.

Here is a link to the file I used. I did import the logo part as an image trace.

Your link doesn’t work.
What bit are you using?
How are you setting zero?
It looks like you’re cutting too deep.

Dog bone and V-bit =>

  • the V bit may not be exactly the stated degree / angle
  • The V bit have a small flat spot at the tip, and when zeroing Z the tip is actually lower than predicted.

It looks like my issue was I had entered a 90 degree bit, but I actually had a 60 bit installed. End user error for sure. Also, I ordered a Freud 90 degree bit but was delivered a Freud 60 degree bit.

I am going to shallow down to about 1/16 in using the proper degree bit and see how it goes.

I have no idea why the link doesn’t work. Thanks for your help.

Thanks! I had input the wrong bit. I thought I bought a 90 degree but it turns out it is a 60 degree.