V-bit Cutting error

I am trying to cut this wine holder. I have included my cut setting, material setting and image of my piece. Every time I try to cut this material which is about 1.5 inches thick my bit plunges and guts below the intended depth on the initial pass. Any idea what it could be? I tried the same setting on a .75 inch thick material and had perfect results. Do I need to upgrade my x axis?

I suspect your safety height setting is causing the Z to crash at the top limit and loose steps.
In other words it thinks it is higher above the wood than it actually is and then drives down too far when it starts the cut.


How are you setting your Z zero? I have had issues using a z-probe being inaccurate, even changing modes to compensate.

I don’t even use the z-probe any more, I use a piece of newspaper and bring the bit down until it touches the paper just hard enough that I can’t pull the paper out, and set that as Z-zero.

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