V-Bit cutting too deep

I have not had this happen before, and read through all the posts that deal with this.

I imported the paths for some text from VCarve Pro using a 1/2 " 90 degree V Bit. My material is 0.7555 thick and the cuts show in VCarve to be no deeper than 0.09. I import the code and probed the Z to the material. When it cuts however, the depth is almost 0.25. I did several new exports but nothing changed. I can tell that it’s cutting too deep just by looking at the paths in the preview window in Easel. I did not set a start depth, nor a flat depth. Never had to do that before. I am at a loss why this is happening. The settings for the V Bit in the Tool selector are, Pass Depth: 0.15, Step Over: 0.01, feed: 20, Plunge 10.

Thanks for any help!

Never mind! Sometimes it’s hard to overcome one’s own stupidity. I grabbed the wrong bit, a 60 instead of the 90 degree. Hope I didn’t waste anyone’s time!