V bit depth issue?

So I just cut my first real project (been doing test cuts to dial my machine in but not a real project) it was stars for a flag. Although my pocket depth was set at .06, the depth of cut was set at .125. I didn’t think to change the depth of cut because the project was half of the possible depth. Anyways, it cut the stars at a depth of .125 so they don’t have points… the tips are all rounded (because it cut it to the size that the .6 deep star would have been… which also makes the stars larger than intended.) Looks like that flag will go on the discount pile.

Anyone else run into this issue with shallow cuts? if not, be advised.

yeah I know it would… I will take some photos of it today.

… stupid photobucket

Yes I have noticed that no matter what you set the DOC at it always the same for that bit. I have three 60 deg v bits one is a 60 x 1/4 diameter another is 60 x 3/8, and the third is 60 x 1/2, I cut the same sign with each bit deliberately not changing the DOC however each sign has a different DOC

Same here. I had some smaller text where I needed a shallower cut to maintain definition and no matter what the DOC was in Easel Pro, the depth was always the same. The “detail preview” appeared to change though. It’s almost like the v-bits have a built-in minimum depth where you can always cut deeper, but never shallower.

As I found out yesterday. Done a test carve and hardly scratched the surface

It my happen if you take probe from lower point that you plan the cut, or you haven’t measured size and angle of bit, thickness of probe correctly, X axis my be not pararel to material

I am sure that this happened due to the depth of cut in easel was set to 1/8" even though the cut was set to 1/16". I went back to the Easel project and changed the depth of cut to 1/16" and no other changes… works perfectly. That means it is an Easel issue and not a probe (which I don’t have) or other z alignment issue.

I am having the same issue. I set the cut in Easel to 1/8" and made sure my alignment was perfect. The actual cut was maybe 1/32" deep. Any help would be appreciated!

Change the depth to .03125 (=1/32").

that’s what i my machine is doing is their a fix
thanks rocmen

Mine is doing the same. I set the DOC at .3 inches & it cuts about .1875 inches. I can’t get thru to the customer service call center either. :see_no_evil:

Can you take a picture of what you’re cutting and a picture of the image? A V bit will only go as deep as the line is wide.

i was using thin font that make sense I’ll try thick font
thanks rocmen

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