V bit depth per pass

I have a pocket around a design that is .125" deep and will be cleared with a .25" endmill. I want to use a 60* v bit for the detail pass, but the recommended depth per pass is .06". Should I keep the depth per pass at .06" or change it to .125"? Thanks for any help you can provide.

You can leave it at 0.06 and it will make 3 depth passes to achieve the 0.125 depth of your design.

With it being a detail pass, do you think it could handle doing it all in one pass at .125?

I would hate say yes without seeing the artwork or the material.

I do that a lot at.08 and .1 and have not had any issues.

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I went ahead and did .08 per pass and it worked out nicely. Much cleaner than I anticipated. I still need to do some light sanding, but I am very happy with the detail pass the vbit was able to do.

Did you make this on easel? I can’t figure out how to cut out background to leave letters raised?

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Place a rectangle surrounding the text, right click the rectangle and select send to back, set the text to 0 depth and wallah your text is raised and the background is carved in.

Heres some more detail showing stacked raised text.

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