V-Bit issue in easel pro

So I am cutting out a city outline. The rough cut is exactly the dimension it is supposed to be, when I run the detail pass with a 90 degree v bit it starts cutting the everything offset by .01, starting from the left side its .01 to the right and from the right its .01 to the left and the center seems to be okay. What is going on? I even double checked my internet connection and downloaded the G-code. Tried downloading the G-code 3 separate times to make sure the file sizes were the exact same. I am at a loss and now stuck half way through a $300 piece and cant make heads or tails of what is going on.

I would guess your bit isn’t the diameter that your software thinks it is. Did you measure the bit using a digital calipers?

Edited to add: Having said that, I don’t fully understand your description. Everything is offset by 0.01…? Inches? And by everything, do you mean the design as a whole is 0.02 inches smaller from the left edge to the right edge, or each design element is slightly off? A photo would help us to understand the problem and hopefully help you sort it out.

Have you gone through the steps to be sure your motors are locked when the machine is idle? This will keep you from changing the position X/Y while changing the bit

Offset between 2stages of carve indicate a shift (unknown to the controller) between tool changes.

Make sure GRBL parameter $1=255 and dip switch#4 )see the three red switch boxes) on all axis inside controller is set to OFF

Ordinarily, this is true. But his offset switches from left to right as you look across the design. This suggests something more than just a spindle shift during tool change. That’s why I asked if he accurately measured the diameter of his bit.

Yes, that would make sense.
Would be nice to see a screenshot of the design/carve settings/bit.