V bit leaving chips in text

Hi I am using a 60 degree v bit in pine wood and it’s leaving a lot of chips and splinters in everything I engrave, is there a way make my x carve 1000mm with dewalt make better engraved pieces or a easy way to get them out, is leaving good outside lines. Thanks

I find that pine is not great at sharp details as it’s a softer wood. To do some cleanup you could run the bit through a second time.

A soft wire brush can help a ton.

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For soft woods I prefer a nylon bristle brush, brass bristle brush with hardwoods.
And yes a second pass at full depth per pass can help a lot.

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The problem with pine for fine detail is that the grain is very large, very long, and very straight, as well as being very soft. It’s totally fine in structural timber, but for fine detail work it’s going to be very hard to cut that detail without chipping out long fibers, when you’re using a spinning tool. Basically, every characteristic of the wood is fighting your desire to do fine detail work.

However, you can do a few things:

  1. Higher speed.
  2. Very sharp bit.
  3. Very shallow passes.

Doing this will allow your router bit to actually sever the fibers, instead of pulling them up (causing tear-out).

If you want to do fine engraving, you should look at harder woods; something at least like poplar, if not more robust (like oak, walnut, etc.).

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Thanks guy appreciate it, I’ll try it. I have another question I’m new to the x carve is there any way to do the wood grain like the picture shown

That is a texturing tool-path.

How do I do that

I use use Vcarve desktop exclusivity and its an option in the tool paths.
If you’re using Easel, I cant help you as I don’t know anything about it.

Hi @CodyLCircle. Easel does not support the texture background toolpath

I have fusion 360 and Inkscape can I do it in there or do you no of a free software i can do it on

When i bought my machine, I also purchased Vcarve and use it exclusively.
I have also downloaded Fusion and Inkscape but haven’t used them enough to talk intelligently about them.
Maybe someone else can offer some information.

Ok thank you. How do you like that software, is there anything that you can’t do.

In Fusion360 you can model anything more or less and go direct to CAM.
In Inkskape you can model a lot and convert to appropriate format, then CAM.

I have Vcarve Desk top and love it.
I am by no means a CAD person, but it was very easy to learn.
Their support is also very helpful.
Go to their web site and you can download a full version for free and try it out.
In the trial version, the only thing that you wont be able to do is the machining.

Sorry to bother you again but when cutting pine it’s leaving pretty big burrs on top of everything I cut. I’m using a 1/4” flat bottom 2 flut bit. Is there a bit that would reduce the amount of burrs on top. I no I can sand it after I cut but I’m staining it first then cutting. Thanks

Use a down cut bit.