V bit not carving detail

My v bit is not carving detail on one part of my carving, Im no expert but I have not had these problems before I moved. everything seems to go fine till I do my detail pass on a two stage carve and no

matter the height of the part it is suppose to carve it just hovers over sections of it and never actually carves anything. im frustrated help. I can share the file if need be, I have checked everything and tried everything I am out of options

Your material surface is not parallell relative to Z-height.

  • Either material have uneven thickness
  • Spoil board is not level relative to Z (Primary suspect)
  • Bow on gantry, causing a lift on Z
  • Steps lost? (but not likely)
  • or combination of the above

my material thickness did measure the same, my spoil board I suppose I will have to fix but how would I check on a boy on my gantry and correct that if that is the problem

How did you set Z-zero when you switched to the V-bit?

I homed the machine, moved it exactly 3" +x and 3"+y then used my z probed

Add a second layer of spoil board and do a skim cut, basically a shallow pass over the entire 2nd layer so its uniform in height relative to Z.

ok thanks I will try that and let you know

I blame the spoilboard too. Every time I have had that problem. Spoilboard surfacing fixes this.

you had the exact same problem?

Yes. Perty much every time I move the table… But last time it was the weather that warped it. So a couple places weren’t being cut. Surfaced and all good again.

what surfacing bit did you use?

I typically use a plain 3/4" wood bit.

ty very much, typically? how many times you have to plain?

To get it skim cut the first time, as many as required to get it flat (as you go shallow per pass)
Depends entirely on how much it is off.

You can decrease carve time by changing step-over percentage from 40% to 80%, done under Easel -> Machine -> Advanced.

You can get a decent reading by lowering the bit to one spot on the board and jog around to see height variations between where you are in X/Y direction.

wow ty very very much, I didnt think about getting the reading like that. I will try that asap.