V bit sculpting acceleration

I have a problem with carving with a v bit
Is there any way to speed this up?
set to 1000mm/min
I will add that with $112 = 3000 and $110 and $111 = 4000
Is there any way to speed it up?

What’s your plunge rate?

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Uploading: IMG_2665.jpeg…

Can you share your gcode? Send it in a PM if you can’t share publicly

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Can you give me your email address because I can’t send anything or messages to Cb here

and if $120 $121 and $122 I have = 350, it has something in common, I should increase this value for faster acceleration

Your feedrate is at 800mm/min. If this is a finish pass, I’d bump that up at least 2.5x.

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so I can easily go from $120/$121/$122- 350 to 1500???
I have Quebee Pro 1515 with 8mm screws

No. Increase your feedrate to 2500mm/min. You don’t need to change your Grbl settings.

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do you know exactly what these values ​​grbl $120 $121 $122 mean?
what acceleration increases
I have small values

Yes. Acceleration is the rate at which the feedrate can increase or decrease. It is not the same as feedrate.

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Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity, or how fast an object speeds up .

too fast of an acceleration setting CAN result in phase lockup of the stepper motor, too slow of acceleration CAN result in the cnc taking a long time to reach the feedrate.

Acceleration settings is also used for coming to a stop in order to change direction as well, referred to as deceleration. but the same setting is used for both processes.

The machine you are using and its construction will determine what those MAXimum acceleration settings can be without entering phase lockup… However here are the X-Carve defaults for reference, but if you’re not using an X-Carve than these settings are irrelevant. X-Carve default GRBL Settings $$ Values – His N Hers Handcrafted

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