V bit settings

Can someone take a look at the settings for this bit in Aspire? I’m needing to know if i have the correct settings. I will be cutting oak and walnut. Done a lot of research and im getting confused. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks

Oh yes you are correct. I missed that. Any recommendations on proper depth? thanks

Sorry for the delayed response. Working as a fireman my schedule is crazy. Any thoughts of how much bigger on the Clarence Pass stepover​:blush: And the stepover. I’m trying to reinact what mtmwood is doing with his inlays on end grain cutting boards. He has stated he uses this bit along with an 1/8 inch end mill (for the Clarence​:blush: I’m guessing). I’ve looked at aspire tool database videos and tutorials but they don’t get specific with the vbits on adding to the database. Thanks for any additional help or pointing me in the right direction. :blush: