V Bit takes away details

image image

I’m creating a sign and have selected to use the 1/16 bit as the main bit and thought it would be a good idea to use a v bit for the lettering.

When I only use the 1/16 bit, as in the first picture, things look pretty good, but it will take forever.

When I add in the v bit, the time decreases but there are weird “chunks” (such as the bottom middle of the R and the simulation doesn’t look like it is cutting all the way through even though it is at max depth.

Why does adding a “detail bit” take away details?

Any idea what to do?

Your V-Bit is at a 60 degree angle which is going to carve out at that same degree. Maybe change the way it cuts on the line or use an engraving bit at a little deeper setting?

You will need to have two separate work pieces, one for the V bit and one for the final cut out. If you use the V bit set it at your depth, the second work piece use a 1/8" bit and set it to cut on the outside of the line. The down side is you wont be able to see a preview, run a small test piece to make sure you like it.