V Bit tool setup

What dimensions do you put in for a 60 degree V bit in VCarve Desktop? I purchased the bit from Inventables but I am not exactly sure the settings to put in the tool database on VCarve. I have searched this forum but only find settings to be used in Easel. Bit is 1/4" shank, 1/2" tall at 60 degree taper.

I have a set of Freud Vbits. 2 90’s and 1 60deg.
I measured the widest diameter and created new tools in VCarve. One of my 90’s is 0.492" and the other is 0.502". My 60deg is also 0.492".
I measured the angle to make sure they are 90deg and 60deg. All 3 were as much as I can tell.

When I save the toolpaths I include which bit I used in the name so I know what bit I should have installed for the file.

Thank you Patrick. This makes more sense now that I can see it and you explained how to do this. I think I was making it more complicated than it needed to be…LOL. Do I need to measure the point of the bit as well?

Here is the bit that I have. The bottom is not flat but pointed.

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