V-bit usage

In Easel, what happens if I use a v-bit in place of an end mill?

The earth reverses direction. Lol

I don’t know why would do it. Can you please explain what you need to do so we can help you get it done. :slight_smile:


Is there a reason why you wouldn’t simply set the bit selection to Vbit and then use the Vbit you want to use ?

Easel doesn’t allow use of V-bits. I’d have to upgrade to Easel Pro, a financial step I can’t afford to take. Thus, my question of using a V-bit when the system thinks I am using an end mill. What would the cut look like? I guess I could experiment with a piece of scrap wood.

Tricking Easel (Free) into using Vbits will not be as successful if the depths are deeper than light surface engraving…
And Here’s how that process works:

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