V Carve Bit Settings and Artifacts

I am getting these artifacts on the walls of my v carves. This was carved using a 60 degree bit. Note the raised surface on what should be 60 degree walls They are less pronounced when I use a 90 degree bit and they are more pronounced the deeper the cut. What settings should I adjust to deal with this?

Here are the settings used:

bit diam .25
angle 60 degree
Pass Depth .2
final stepover .01 inches / 4%
Clearance Stepover .06 in / 24%


Note the flat walls on my g-code preview…

Roger that. I have the double width x axis on the way for delivery. I’ll tighten down and re calibrate after I install it. The image is only a portion of the design, but the artifact is consistent on all walls in x and y. If you didn’t know better you’d think it was part of the design. Could be the z carriage v wheels. …

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Nice design. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Been playing around with V-carving sacred geometry. About to start making some money back on my investment!

Thanks! Will try that too!