V carve bits and carving small text

hi all , trying to carve out small text and did not really work well , so working on some plant labels , put a v carve bit in and the cutter did not even carve out a thing, thought maybe make table was high on one end where i put the probe , and yes it was , fix that up , so tried again , nope , then i tried bigger text and it did work , so just asking what would i look at why it does not do small texted , as i am making plant labels on a area 100 x 50 , tomato (eg) when the text was small it did carve out the M all the other letters just one line makes . i did try and change the depth still no good , anyway if some one can give me a idea why that would be nice , thanks

I suspect your Z axis is mounted too high and the v bit cant reach your material.
Try placing a piece of 1/2" material under your project.

thank you for the info , i did a test again today and set the homing point in the middle and set the v cutter to 6mm , well it worked but don.t think it cut six mm , I did look at the z axis , there is still travel to come down , think it might be time to flatten the bed or look at the frame for level. I also trammed the router and it was ok 0.02 , think also time to build a new frame , i did not make it ,got the x cave second hand, but it is level with packers . any way thanks for your help Mark

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