V-carve Box

This is my latest effort and I’m really pleased at how it turned out. I adapted the plans for an excellent scroll saw box on Craftsman Space to a v-carve design (the detail was too fine for my bits at the box size I wanted).

The wood is cheap pine finished off with a couple of coats of Danish Oil.


Very nice work.

I think it looks super nice. Did you make the box joints on the cnc or on something else.

I wonder if you cut the edges/box sides full depth with a v90 bit such that it makes 45 degree edges if it would give you a good fit with mitered edges like a picture frame.

Thanks for the kind comments & likes all.

@WayneHall Everything done on my X-Carve

@Traxxtar I did think about doing mitered joints, as I had already included 45° mitered edges in the design. One problem was that I would have to compensate for the width of the point as my 90° v-bit does not come to a true point. In the end I decided that I quite liked the contrast of the end grain that you get with finger joints.

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As tight as the joints look i thought you may have cut them with a saw. What size bit did you use for the joints. They look very good.

I see without zooming in thay look good.

@WayneHall I used a 2mm down cut bit to cut out the sides (they are 8mm thick), just to make the dog bones as inconspicuous as possible :slight_smile: I cut the slots in the base that the sides fit into with an 1/8th in bit without dog bones and then did a finishing pass with the 2mm bit to put the dog bones in.

@PhilJohnson With a 2mm bit and a couple of coats of Danish oil, I ended up not needing any fill at all.


Are you sharing a link to your X Carve Pattern?

Please Advise,

I don’t use Easel, so the CAM files are not likely to be much use to you. The original design is here, which you can adapt to your own design.