V-Carve Cleanup

We are using Easel for our Shop Sabre and recently our projects come through with V-Care Cleanup in the writing system. It stops the project from moving forward… the only way around this is to go into notes and remove the V-Care Cleanup in the actual coding…

Can someone help me know why this is happening and a better way around it.

Can you share a file that shows this?

It is every file but here is one - the longer cuts stink because there is more coding to go through to delete the “v-carve cleanup”. That’s the only way the cut will go from the beginning to end without stopping in its track

JW’s Under Side.nc (1.1 MB)

That line starts with a semicolon which is a valid comment line in GRBL but not necessarily in all CNC controllers or even all grbl senders.

Can you just use a text editor and do a “Replace” (Ctrl-H) and replace ; v-carve cleanup with nothing.