V Carve - Cursive text question!

Hey dudes, still waiting on my 5th and final package (lol) of the 1000mm x carve. Luckily V Carve Pro came with the first package, so i’m trying to make the switch to designing solely with V Carve and leaving Easel behind.

I’ve accomplished 1 V Carve so far, but not sure how to do cut outs with lettering fonts (specifically using mdf and plywood).

In the picture you’ll notice the lines of the letter continue into each other, which i obviously dont want. So how do you fix that?

Second, I need to connect the “R”. So im just wondering if there’s a way to select the R only and combine it as you would on Easel.

Thanks for the help!


Edit: I should mention this is a custom font… not one supplied by v carve, in case that matters.

How do i deselect the captive parts?

There are some excellent YouTube tutorials on this subject. Basically you have to go into the node edit mode and cut the overlap and close the nodes together. I will look for the link and post it. Good luck. I just got the vcarve desktop and started working with it. I find it outstanding and very easy to learn. I’m more than impressed

Ya phillip, this is v carve pro were talkin here, not easel. lol.

Dont get me wrong on easel though, i’ll always have love for it haha.

Success on the weld! Thank you sir!

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Hey Robbert, would you suggest doing a conventional cut on name cut outs on mdf, or climb? Now that i have that feature available, I want to learn when to use it and when not to.

I know that this was about vcarve and not Easel. I just got vcarve desktop and have learned quickly how to use it. The videos on YouTube has help tremendously. https://youtu.be/XV23QqvSy6A
This is the video that will answer cole’s question.

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.

Much of what RobertCanning said, one thing I would suggest doing after converting/welding letters is then re-select the entire text you just welded and group them. That way if you move the text to a different area, the captive parts move collectively with it. Yes it is one more click but i find it easier in the long run.

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This is some really good information. I just learning vcarve desktop