V Carve Depth Control

Looking around and can’t find anything on this topic. Does anyone have a “cheat sheet” for v blade depth control in relation to the thickness of a line? Trying to combine mutiple texts and lines to get a constant depth cut. Thinkness is different between the text and line so I cannot get a constant depth. Is there a forumla I can use to figure this out or do I need to design in adobe and import to get a constant depth?

For a 60deg bit cut depth = cut width

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The bit will only go as deep as the line is wide. You can set the bit to go .5 inches but if its a thin line then it will only go as deep as it needs to go. A 60 degree bit will go deeper than a 90 degree bit because its not as wide.


Typically V bit angles are “included angles” meaning the angle from one side to the other. Some very sharp bits are specified by the angle between the side and the center of the shank. Be sure you know which your bit is.

Given an included angle “A” and a cutting depth “D”, the cut width “W” can be found from the formula W = 2 * D * TAN( A / 2 ) or the other way around is D = W / 2 * COT( A / 2 ). Make sure your calculator is set for degrees.

Thus for a 30 degree bit Depth = Width * 1.866025404
Thus for a 60 degree bit Depth = Width * 0.866025404
Thus for a 90 degree bit Depth = Width * 0.5

The cut width does not = cut depth for a 60 degree bit. The cut width =2/sqrt(3) * depth

For the width to be the same as the depth, the bit’s included angle would need to be 53.13 degrees.

Thanks guys for the help I really appreciate it. Is there anyway to change the width of a line in easel (besides cut depth) and show exactly what the width of the line is so I can use the forumlas?

I figured this might be easier to see…
Basically I would like the 23 and the Outline line shape to be the same depth…
The Cheyenne cannot be b/c I don’t have the space to make it that large from what I understand and that is fine. Hope that makes sense…

Make sure that you share this publicly. At present, I cannot view it.

It should be public. http://easel.inventables.com/projects/PZ3gw02FjMPa59urqW5b1Q

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Thanks Russell for your help. What exactly did you do to change the thickness?

I got this off a FB post several months ago, Steve

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I redesigned it in CorelDraw, I took your original shape and made a thicker inside border. Then used a different font for the 23 and a more condensed font for Cheyenne Rd. Easel has limited fonts so I use Corel to design and then save as an SVG. You could have used the Offsetter App in Easel to create the inside border.

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Great thanks for explaining. I need to design in another program to get the line thinckness.

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Just remember, changing line thickness changes your design. Do you really want everything to be wider just so you can carve the same depth? One of the main advantages to V-carving it’s the ability to capture those details and the sharp corners.

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Not sure if this will help. http://www.1728.org/angsize.htm