V Carve Inlay?

Hi there, I am currently upgrading all my CNC kit, and will ultimately be buying an X-Carve Pro. I have no experience with Easel so I’m sorry if my question is dumb. In the new features for Easel Pro it lists v carving. That is great as that is an area that folks have knocked easel down on in the past. But I need to know if it can do the whole v carve inlay thing that Vertec V carve pro does. You know, make the pocket as well as the plug.
A bunch of my CNC work is this type of inlay. And I anticipate doing even more in the future. I would like to move to a single software solution and I’m wondering if that software will be Easel or V-Carve.
Have any of you used Easel to make V-Carve like Inlays? Did it work?
Thanks in advance!

IMO other software works better for them. I use Carveco for those and it woks perfectly without even really thinking about it, I believe V-Carve is basically the same for V-Bit Carved Inlays. However with Easel you have to work with offsets and manually adjust stuff to get V-Bits to carve proper inlays… Easel has an Inlay tool, but it is totally geared towards end mill cutting for the pocket and plug…
Here’s Brandon going over the built in inlay function:

Thanks Seth. Yes Carveco works well for these as well. I opted for V-Carve Desktop as it was a buy once proposition and it works perfectly for these inlays. The goal for me is to reduce the software that I use rather then buy more so Carveco isn’t an option. From your response, it sounds like Easel isn’t a good choice for my needs. I guess that when I do get my X-Carve Pro I will have to buy V-Carve Pro as well since my current version is limited to 24x24 inches. Kind of a bummer since V-Carve Pro is expensive.

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It’s really no different if you can handle manipulating your Z-zero. You just have to set your Z-zero for the male section below the surface of your stock.

Thanks Neil, I am quite familiar with this concept as I often do that to make deeper inlays in V-Carve. Perhaps I should download the demo and play around with it to see if it will do what I need. Thanks again for your reply.

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