V carve leaving center of letters

Just got the 1000 x 1000 and have been playing around with it and wanted to make a sign of formulas for my classroom. However, I have tried a few different fonts and it is leaving the center of the letters (terrible pic attached). Any ideas? I have searched the forum and emailed customer service but no solutions yet. The capitol letters are 2" high and the depth is set at .4" I am using a 60 degree amana v bit. The sign is 29" x 29" mdf and the white is masking because I wanted to paint the sign.

Hi Pat,
Are you filling in the letters? It looks like you may have been carving just the outline of the letters.
Are you using Easel?
Are you selecting the V bit in your set up?

Set to fill and yes I’m using easel. Also selecting vbit. Just about felt like the dumbest person ever if it wasn’t on fill.

I’m new to the XCarve myself, I though someone would have responded to your question.
How does it look on the preview?
Have you carved anything else? If so then how did it look?
How are you securing the material to the waste board?
Do you have all the belts tight?

@PatSullivan Can you share the Easel project? Are you sure the bit is 60 degrees? What’s the diameter of the cutter? At 0.4 inches deep, your cutter would need to be at least a half inch diameter. I don’t think there’d be a reason to cut more than 0.1" - 0.125" deep on a paint filled sign.
Looks like you may have some other issues going on as well, mechanical or with your Z-zero.

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Tried to go deeper just to get it to work. Here is my project (http://easel.inventables.com/projects/hjHIwEUbO8amZ0j-cHOxKQ). The bit is ( Amana Tool RC-1148 Insert V-Groove 60 Deg x 59/64 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK CNC Router Bit).

Everything is secured and I have cut other stuff and it looks normal.

The project is not shared publicly.
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my bad: http://easel.inventables.com/projects/hjHIwEUbO8amZ0j-cHOxKQ