V carve project in mdf

I know that I’m doing a heap of things wrong with one of my first projects… A simple song title with a line or two of the lyric and a simple graphic carved in across the bottom using a 45 deg v bit.
While it has turned out ‘ok,’ it’s not of the sort of quality I’d want to display. I’d attach a photograph and ask for hints and tips on how to improve but there does not seem to be a facility to do this.

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When you reply to a question or ask one you will see this window, click on the Arrow with the rectangle underneath, that is the upload button and you can share your pictures.

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Photo will help, but based on historical issues I’m going to guess that you may have had excess deep and too shallow carves from area to area of the carve?

A best practice for any vbit carving is to surface the workpiece on the cnc, or at the very east surface the wasteboard, to make the workpiece as parallel as possible to the spindle actual movement.

The stock wastebaord even “leveled” (the wrong terms but used all too comonly) properly will still have high and low spots, combine this with a probably ever so slightly warped mdf and there will surely be high and low top area for the vbit to carve…

I have a video on how I do flags, and I transfer these 2 or 3 steps that I mention over to any v bit carving and I get perfect results every time…

Now, if a perfectly parallel top is not the issue, the 2nd most common issue is that the z is set over in a corner that is ever so slightly lower, it is a best practice to set z zero directly atop the area of the board being carved… (also discussed in the video)

And the 3rd most common issue is constantly blown out throughout the carve caused by an imperfect v bit. Sometimes vbits are sold with the intention of making a beveled edge, not to engrave. I use the Amana bits for vbit engravings at they come to a true tip. If you turn the bit and can notice a flat tip when held at any point in that rotation, then the bit is a flat tipped v-bit and these could be used with other software, but easel is not equipped to make toolpaths for these type of bits :man_shrugging: