V Carve Software

I’ve seen threads asking this but nobody seems to answer this so here goes again. I have been designing guitar bodies in easel and most of the time they run fine but every now and then there are glitches mostly path issues. I have had expensive wood bodies ruined because paths set during layout change on their own example is body shape I set to outside path, pickup routes I set inside path and when I used the same design 2 days in a row day 1went as planned day 2 path was different path changed to on path and ruined the wood. So now the question, all the designs I have completed in easel can they be move to V Carve or do I have to re-do them all?

Have you tried?

If the file is good and you’ll use it repeatedly, export the gcode. That won’t change.
Seems odd that your file changed by itself, though.

As far as using v-carve. You can export your easel files as svgs and then import in v-carve.


Go to File in Easel, scroll down to Download Zip. Click it and that will save your file as an SVG.